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Memorial Wall plaques PinnarooOur Cemetery Records System holds records of interments, entombments, cremations and memorials dating back to 1899. It includes Karrakatta, Fremantle, Pinnaroo, Midland, Guildford and Rockingham cemeteries.

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board took over administration of Guildford and Midland cemeteries from the Shire of Swan in 1989. All available records have been included in our system however, it is believed that some records are not complete.


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To find a record of a deceased person, enter their name in the text boxes, and press the Submit button.  


Search Tips

  • Search by Complete Surname (the default), when you are sure of the surname spelling. 
  • Select Search by Beginning of Surname when you are not sure of the surname spelling, e.g. Smith will also return Smithson with this option. 
  • In the results list, CLICK a blue hyperlink surname to view a more detailed record.  
  • In the detailed record, Book of Remembrance memorials will display a hyperlink to the entry.

Information of deceased persons recorded in our database can include:

  • Date of death
  • Cemetery
  • Grave location and Grant number
  • Grant expiry date
  • Memorial location

The record does not contain family relationships or next of kin information.

This search service is for simple searches using the name of the deceased. It is not intended for complex queries such as multiple interments in the same grave. For such queries, contact our office on 1300 793 109 or email (allow 4 working days for a reply).


Obtain an original Funeral Application Form

If you wish to purchase an original application form for a funeral held over 25 years ago, see our Funeral Application Form page

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If you would like to purchase a digital photo of a grave or memorial at any of our cemeteries, see our Photo Services facility.

Genealogy links and resources

Other sources of family history and genealogy information can be found at Research Links and Contacts.