The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (MCB) consists of four Directorates, each with their own unique responsibilities:


Planning and Operations Directorate


The Planning and Operations Directorate is responsible for the core functions of funeral preparation including burials, cremations and mausoleum entombments. The Directorate also ensures that high service standards are maintained in the chapels/condolence lounges, crematoria and mausoleums, and by monumental masons in the work they do.

The Directorate manages:

  • The MCB's services including buildings, security, insurance, vehicles/machinery, roadways, paths and any other construction on the MCB properties;
  • Projects in capital and minor works at all sites;
  • The development and maintenance of Master Cemetery Plans now and for the future; and
  • The planning and development of rose gardens, landscaped gardens and lawns as well as the general environment of all the MCB's sites.


Many of our employees are qualified horticulturists and everyone takes pride in maintaining our sites to a high standard for the pleasure and comfort of visitors.


Structure of Planning and Operations directorate at MCB













Roles within this Directorate

Opportunities can become available for you to move from Grounds (Gardens & Landscaping) into Burials (Grave digging) or Cremations teams or even to the Planning and Projects Unit whose team looks at the design and development of the MCB’s sites now and into the future.

The MCB provides opportunities for growth and development; and Horticulture Apprenticeships are offered when they become available.  The apprentices often take on full time Grounds roles within the MCB when they successfully complete their studies.

The MCB provides accredited Certificate III in Funeral Services training (grave digging and crematorium services). This training enables our employees to move across the different teams at the Board.  In addition, if employees want to develop leadership skills to progress to being a team leader, the Board also offers the Certificate IV in Frontline Management.

Employees are encouraged to gain recognition of prior learning for any previous relevant study or experience to fast track through their study.

We are looking for people who show:

  • Enjoyment working outdoors
  • Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn
  • Common sense, and pride in a job well done
  • They can safely use tools and equipment
  • Alignment with the MCB values of Respect, Understanding, Compassion and Integrity


Client Services Directorate


The Client Services Directorate manages the public interface for the Board. It is also responsible for:

  • The development and implementation of appropriate products and services relating to funerals and commemoration;
  • The development and maintenance of close working relationships with key stakeholders including Funeral Directors, Clergy, Civil Celebrants and community groups; and
  • Ensuring that products, services and programs are effectively communicated to the community.


Roles within the Directorate

The MCB provides a comprehensive six month in-house training program for new Client Services team members. Employees will get to learn about the funeral industry, cemetery legislation and our customer service standards.

Client Liaison Officers use their administrative skills and have the opportunity to operate in the face to face and public enquiry environments with our clients, funeral directors and members of religious faiths and celebrants.

Developing sales skills, officers may choose to progress to being Memorial Sales Officers who assist families in selecting appropriate memorials and memorial sites. This is an important role as the Board is self-funding and the sale of products and services enables the Board to be sustained for the long term.

There are Memorial Services Officers at Karrakatta, Pinnaroo and Fremantle. They are different from the Memorial Sales Officers in that they prepare and place plaques and memorials ordered by clients within the MCB grounds, and assist in the placement of ashes for families.

Client Services also manages client feedback, the cemeteries renewal project and the marketing of services and facilities to clients. These roles need specific skills and experience especially in written and verbal communication, project management and marketing. 

We are looking for people who show:

  • They know how to provide good customer service
  • Good administration and organisational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn
  • Common sense, and pride in a job well done
  • They can work calmly under pressure
  • Alignment with the MCB values of Respect, Understanding, Compassion and Integrity



Human Resource, ICT, Governance and Finance Directorates


The employees in these two Directorates work behind the scenes and are equally important to the MCB. The Finance, Purchasing, Human Resources, Information and Communication Technology, Knowledge Management and Corporate Governance areas provide support and services internally, to our customers, and to stakeholders such as the Minister, Public Sector Commissioner, Cemetery and Crematoria Association of WA, Funeral Directors and community leaders in religious faiths.

The MCB may offer traineeships in these Directorates (such as Indigenous, School-based). These are organised through the Public Sector Commission’s Traineeship Program.

We are looking for people who have:

  • Achieved or are working towards a relevant qualification such as HR Management, Information and Communication Technology, Accounting, Knowledge Management and Policy Development
  • Experience in the relevant field
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Initiative and take responsibility for work outcomes
  • Demonstrate the MCB values of Respect, Understanding, Compassion and Integrity