Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park Chapels 


Featuring green lawns and a bushland environment, Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park offers two large capacity chapels with large condolence lounges alongside each.  Built from local materials including limestone and WA jarrah hardwood, the East and West Chapel, Crematorium and Café sit in complete harmony with the surroundings.

Mourners attending services meet the hearse at the chapels.  

The Chapel Facilities Summary Table shows the approximate capacity of each chapel. 

Multimedia screens are mounted in both chapels and both have external screens to cater for particularly large crowds. We suggest that families check with their Funeral Director to ensure that any multimedia presentations are compatible with the chapel facilities prior to the funeral service. 

If you would like to view any of the chapels, please contact our staff to arrange a time. Viewings are scheduled around existing funeral bookings. 


The East Chapel and Condolence Lounge

The East Chapel accommodates 210 people, with seating for 118.  The chapel includes state-of-the-art multimedia technology to provide a seamless service and includes a musicians gallery.

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  • East Chapel Pinnaroo 1
  • East Chapel Pinnaroo 2
  • East Chapel Pinnaroo 3
  • East Condolence Lounge Pinnaroo 1
  • East Condolence Lounge Pinnaroo 2


The West Chapel and Condolence Lounge

The West Chapel is a mirror image of the East Chapel, accommodating 210 people with seating for 118, extending to an alfresco area with multimedia screens. 

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  • West Condolence Lounge Pinnaroo 1
  • West Condolence Lounge Pinnaroo 2
  • West Chapel Pinnaroo 1
  • West Chapel Pinnaroo 2
  • West Chapel Pinnaroo 3
  • West Chapel Pinnaroo 4
Viewing Room

A viewing room is provided should the family wish to remain with the casket until its committal to the cremator. Please contact your Funeral Director should you wish to make use of this facility

Food and Beverage

The MCB recognises that food and beverages are an essential part of a funeral service and has partnered with Celeste Catering; a specialist in funeral catering, to ensure that families have access to a catering service befit to cater for family farewells. Celeste have a range of packages and menus that cater for the diverse needs of our community. Beverage packages, incorporating alcohol if desired, are also offered.  To view catering packages, please visit or call 1300 372 774.  

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  • Celeste Catering
  • Celeste Catering
  • Celeste Catering platters
Pinnaroo Café

Light food and refreshments are available at the Pinnaroo Café, which is open to the public and seats up to 70 people.  If you are planning to invite guests home for a post funeral wake, Pinnaroo Café will be pleased to prepare food platters to collect after the service. The café can be contacted on 1300 372 774.

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  • Pinnaroo Cafe


For more details about chapels at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park, please contact Client Services on 1300 793 109 or view the Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park Facilities brochure.