Karrakatta Cemetery in the 1930sThe guardian of over a century of Western Australia’s social and cultural history, Karrakatta has many stories to tell.

The first burial took place at Karrakatta Cemetery on April 24, 1899. The deceased was a young wheelwright named Robert Creighton who died of typhoid fever at the age of 29. His simple grave and headstone lie in the Church of England section where he was interred by Funeral Directors Donald J Chipper. 

Since that day in 1899, over 201,000 burials have taken place at Karrakatta Cemetery and since the crematorium opened in 1937 there have been over 189,000 cremations. 

Walk Trails

Over a century of Western Australia's social and cultural history is contained in the 98.34 hectares that make up the extensive gardens of Karrakatta Cemetery. To enable the public to easily access this important part of society's past, the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has mapped out historical walk trails. The trails are easy to walk and lead you past the graves and memorials of famous and infamous people. 

Maps of the walk trails are available from the Administration Building near the entrance to Karrakatta Cemetery, or can be downloaded below. Signs located at each point of interest contain unique QR codes which can be scanned via smart phone, allowing you access to further information. 


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Click here to download:  Karrakatta Walk Trail One - Map

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Click here to download:  Karrakatta Walk Trail Two - Map

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